Mar 27, 2012

Sensual Meiji Series

Sensual Meiji Acne Travel Kit
RM208 / S$87.00
Cleansing Cream
  Chamomile Lotion
      Skin Renewal Cream
   Moist 24 Hydration
                       New Born Regeneration Cream
             Sunblock SPF 30 PA+++ 
                      New Born Regeneration Lotion

Sensual Meiji Whitening Travel Kit
 RM208 / S$87.00
 Cleansing Gel 
      Chamomile Toner
                           New Born Regeneration Cream
                 Sunblock SPF 30 PA+++

Enzyme Light
               Nano Whitening Cream
                         Soothing Regeneration Lotion

Sensual Meiji Chamomile Toner
RM168 / S$70.00

Sensual Meiji Cleansing Gel
RM128 / S$54.00

Sensual Enzyme Light Essence
RM198 / S$83.00

Sensual Nano Whitening Cream
RM178 / S$74.00

Sensual Moist 24 Hydration
RM188 / S$79.00

Sensual New Born Regeneration Cream
RM198 / S$83.00

Sensual Skin Renewer Cream Mask
RM198 / S$83.00

Jun 3, 2010

SENSUAL ~ Feel The Miracle

Japan No.1 Skin Whitening Solution

Sensual Chamomile Toner
Activates the skin natural functions. It has a revitalizing moisturizing and relaxing effect.

Sensual Whitening Lotion & Whitening Cream
A skin lightening complex formulation that gradually lightens skin, fades age spots, pigmentations, freckles, scars and refine pores. Leaving a smooth and radiant complexion.

Key benefits
Visible result within 7 days
No side effect
No peeling
No harmful chemical
Suitable for all skin types

Recommended for
Dull and Uneven Tone Skin
Acne / Pimple Scars Skin
Pigmentations / Freckles / Age Spots Skin
Whitening Treatment

How to Use
1.Apply light amount of Sensual Chamomile Toner dabbing till absorb in the morning and evening.

Recommended for night treatment
2.Apply light amount of Sensual Whitening Lotion dabbing till absorb.
3.Followed by very light spread of Sensual Whitening Cream over skin.

Imported by Sensere Marketing

Country of Origin
Made in Japan
(Salon Brand Beauty Product)

Chamomile Toner 120ml

Whitening Lotion 40ml

Whitening Cream 35g

Product Price Range: RM128.00/S$54.00 - RM208.00/S$87.00